Book Budget is slashed by 40%

On 07/08/10 The Gloucestershire Echo reported that Gloucestershire County Council announced it has slashed the library services’ book budget for new stock by £209,500 (40%) for the next eight months.  The Echo reported that “for the last five years, the county council has spent, on average, almost £1 million a year on stock” however the Bookseller revealed that the latest years budget was only £556,477 making the cut of £209,500 far more significant.

An editorial that featured in the Gloucestershire Echo on the same day the cut was announced, entitled Reading is Vital for Education, warned that this “one-off saving at a difficult time should not be the start of our library service being undermined”.

The Friends of Cheltenham Library share these concerns and intend to seek more information regarding the real impact this cut to the budget will have.

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