We are making the headlines again

We appeared on the front page of The Gloucestershire Echo today and in The Guardian . Both reported our concerns and the concerns of 6 former senior library staff that the huge cuts to our library service may be illegal. The Guardian reported that a spokesperson for the Department for Media, Culture and Sport said that the government was

“a committed champion of public libraries and their value.” The spokesperson said: “We continue to monitor proposals being made about changes to library services across England and we take our duty to superintend the delivery of services, including any reduction in programmes, very seriously.” The DCMS added that the government would keep the use of its statutory powers, including those regarding intervention, “under consideration on a case-by-case basis”

The Echo’s editor today wrote that “the powers that be must now listen”. Let’s hope they do!

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One Response to We are making the headlines again

  1. Ian Anstice says:

    This is absolutely brilliant and shows what campaigning can achieve. Gloucestershire is not alone in facing cuts of this magnitude – Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Isle of Wight, Lewisham and Birmingham are all in the same ball park – so if Mr Vaizey says the Glos cuts are illegal then a lot of other authorities could back away.

    For a full list and map of proposed UK cuts see http://publiclibrariesnews.blogspot.com/

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