Richard Graham MP (Con) : “Save our Library Campaigns miss the point entirely”

These buildings only close if no-one in the community is prepared to do anything about them. I know of volunteers in M&R already keen to be involved and I’m sure all of you do too. ‘Save our library’ campaigns miss the point entirely. It’s all about how communities get a plan organised by the end of April. Some councillors will get moving, show community leadership and sort things out: and others will prefer to protest. Residents can decide which approach they prefer in due course. Suggest those interested in making things happen go to the county council meeting on this – I think on Dec 9th – which explains eg the 21 year lease pepper corn lease, insurance paid by council etc offer as well as the ownership offer. No doubt the Gateway Trust and GL Communities, both based in Matson and both with considerable resources, will want to be involved.
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Mr Graham might take a minute to consider that it may be him that is “missing the point entirely”. He is an elected representative – judging by the ready dismissal of the concerns of “residents” it seems that he has forgotten this.

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2 Responses to Richard Graham MP (Con) : “Save our Library Campaigns miss the point entirely”

  1. Chris says:


    The suggestion in Nailsworth seems to be that the Town Council might take over the running of the library.But the so called ‘pepper corn lease’ may well be a stumbling block. However supposing this is resolved the issue of how will actually work seems to raise an interesting contradiction. Apparently the County Council cannot raise Council Tax to pay for things even if it wanted to because the government has stopped them doing this, but Town Councils can increase their precept. And this is being considered. The result would be that council tax payers living in towns like Nailsworth would have to pay increased Council tax for a service that is not as good as those living in other towns nearby (whose residents would be paying less tax). So yes, maybe communities might get involved, but it is Richard Graham who is missing the point – how this might all work hasnt real been thought through – the Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries are not simply protesting in the petition they call for ‘an urgent, independent and transparent review of the plans, paying particular attention to the impact on our communities’…who is showing ‘community leadership and sort[ing] things out’? Certainly not Mr Graham it seems!

  2. We wanted to send you a link to our campaign film that we have produced about our libraries in Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury. We did a guerrilla screening of it on the front wall of the British Library in Euston Road on Wednesday evening in the rush hour, much to the bemusement and delight of commuters!

    Our film can be seen at

    On behalf of the We Love Libraries production team,

    Kevin Redpath

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