Cinderford public meeting this Friday

A public meeting is being held at the Miners Welfare Hall in Cinderford this Friday (10th December), with a 7pm start. County Council leader Mark Hawthorne will be there to ‘explain’ cutbacks in the Forest area, including to the library service. The library service in the Forest is being really badly hit by GCC’s plans, with libraries at Cinderford, Newnham, Mitcheldean and Bream facing closure unless taken on by volunteers, Lydney Library cut to three and a half days a week, and the loss of the mobile libraries.

This is a great opportunity to publicy ask Councillor Hawthorne some of the questions that he and Councillor Noble have failed to provide adequate responses to so far, so if you are in the Forest area please try and attend. Questions can be submitted in advance to the Chair via Councillor Graham Morgan. If you manage to go along, please get in touch afterwards so we can share any news from the meeting with all FoGL supporters.

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3 Responses to Cinderford public meeting this Friday

  1. Chris says:

    I attended the Council’s ‘Big Community Offer’ meeting at Hucclecote last night to find out more about their proposals (I’m a great believer in knowing your enemy)…and heard Councillor Hawthorne talking about this meeting to some people he knew…he said he was worried about attending this meeting because he’d originally believed it would be a meeting with a few local politicians – and now it was turning into a political rally where he we would be forced to answer questions from the public (God forbid that he might have to speak to the proles!)…anyway he said ‘Of course it wont be local people causing a fuss’ – so interrupted and said that I thought he was wrong, that he might be underestimating the strength of feeling in the areas affected – he and his friends explained how you always get ‘rent-a-mob’ being bussed into ‘this sort of thing’ from outside.
    So if you are from the area and intend going long I trust you’ll give a traditional warm welcome to the Forest – and do make it clear to him that you are ‘local’.

  2. Demelza says:

    Thanks for this useful info Chris – nice to see Councillor Hawthorne and co are taking the concerns of their electorate so seriously!

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