Library consultation sessions – more dates announced

The County Council have announced four additional ‘drop-in’ consultation sessions at Churchdown, Minchinhampton, Cinderford and Wotton libraries. Wonder if this has anything to do with the excellent letter written by six former senior library staff, who strongly criticised the fact that consultations were originally only scheduled to take place in libraries ‘safe’ from closure or opening hour cuts!

The revised list of dates, time and venues is as follows:

Cheltenham Library: 15th December, 2pm-5pm
Gloucester Library: 17th December, 10am-1pm
Stroud Library: 20th December, 2pm-5pm
Coleford Library: 12th January, 2pm-5pm
Cirencester Library: 13th January, 10am-1pm
Tewkesbury Library: 14th January, 10am-1pm
Churchdown Library: 19th January, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Minchinhampton Library: 20th January, 2pm-5pm
Cinderford Library: 21st January, 10am-1pm
Wotton Library: 25th January, 2pm-5pm

Still nothing scheduled at any of the libraries facing closure or opening hours cuts in Cheltenham, Gloucester or the Cotswolds though.

Unfortunately most of these sessions are conveniently timed for when many people are at work, but please try to go along to one if you can. These consultation sessions are what the Council will use to decide how their proposals have been received by communities, so it’s an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns face to face, where it will be harder for them to ignore you or fob you off. The ones in December may also offer good petitioning opportunities (outside the libraries of course)!

If you haven’t done so already, please also remember to complete both of the County Council’s online consultation exercises; the library survey and the overall budget survey. While we believe that both surveys are deeply flawed, the results will be used by the Council to judge community responses to the cuts proposals, so it is essential that we make our voices heard.

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3 Responses to Library consultation sessions – more dates announced

  1. No dates for the Cotswolds I see! nor Hesters Way and Matson…..wonder why…..

  2. Windy Miller says:

    And Churchdown! Hurrah!
    On a day that the library is closed..
    and at a time that is prohibitive to the elderly, child minders, the majority of families with children..
    Factor in the darkness, weather conditions..

    A yellow streak longer than the one to see the wizard.

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