Comedian Robin Ince – ‘Libraries are for everyone’

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries are excited to have received a message of support from comedian and writer Robin Ince.

Robin is the co-presenter (with Professor Brian Cox) of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage’ which takes an irreverent look at the world of science, and is the author of ‘The Bad Book Club’. He is an award-winning comedian, who has toured the UK with his stand-up shows, including appearances at last year’s Cheltenham Literature and Science Festivals.

Robin says:

It seems it is money versus books – it doesn’t take long to read a ten pound note and once you’ve enjoyed looking at Charles Darwin’s face, the rest is pretty boring. Unfortunately it seems that this society is obsessed with money over real standards of living. The library for many children is the start of their journey into the imagination, wonder and learning that lie within books. For many elderly people on limited incomes, it is the only opportunity to continue the reading they began 70 years before in their public library.

Libraries are for everyone. Excessive bonuses and Cayman Island tax havens are not. Let’s hope Gloucestershire County Council sees sense and doesn’t chip away at one of the institutions of our society that makes us a civilisation.

Robin Ince

Thanks Robin! Messages from other famous names who have offered their support to the campaign can be viewed here.

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