Support pours in from local writers

We have been delighted to receive many messages of support from Gloucestershire-based writers. The latest messsages we have received are below, while you can read all our messages of support from writers, and other famous names, here.

Amberley-based Cherry Gilchrist is the author of nearly thirty books both for adults and children, including ‘Your Life, Your Story: Writing Your Life Story for Family and Friends’ and ‘Stories from the Silk Road’.

I love my local library at Nailsworth, and use it frequently to browse books, pick up reserved titles, chat to the ever-helpful librarians and admire how well used and well kept it is. I also note how many people come into use the internet, and reckon that for many of them this is the only place they can surf and research as they need. If it is to be closed (apart from a derisory three hours a week) it will leave a huge hole in the community.

Going to Stroud as the next nearest one consumes petrol, parking fees and there is nothing like the same atmosphere or sense of space. I am sure that the Stroud librarians also do a good job, but the Stroud library already seems to be to be oversubscribed – what will further pressure there be like, if our local branches are closed?

Cherry Gilchrist

Marcus Moore is a writer, performance poet and educator who spearheaded Gloucestershire’s contribution to the BBC’s nationwide ‘RaW’ adult literacy campaign:

I have lived and worked in Gloucestershire for 35 years, during which time I have not only been a frequent user of my local library, but also run countless workshops in libraries for children and adults.

One of the hallmarks of a civilised society is its willingness to provide public services that enable, enhance and enrich the lives of all its citizens. The local library is a vital part of a thriving community, providing exciting educational opportunities and essential resources, particularly for children, the elderly, and those on lower incomes.

I am appalled by the proposed cuts to the county’s library service and fully support the Friends’ campaign.

Marcus Moore

Gloucestershire-based education writer Joanna Reid is co-author of  ‘Winning the H Factor: The Secrets of Happy Schools’:

I still remember the pleasure I got as a child from browsing shelves, selecting books with bright coloured dots on their spines and reading their covers during a visit to a library. The layout, the librarians, the posters on the walls and even the smell remain vividly in my memory some 25 years later. Today I see that joy in the eyes of my own three children during our regular library visits – sometimes to research homework tasks, sometimes to take a peek at what’s new in the world of fiction and sometimes to join in a sing-along or to have a story read out loud to us.

What a travesty that our libraries are currently under threat and that future generations may not benefit from the delight, access to knowledge and the sense of community that our fantastic libraries offer.

Joanna Reid

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