Heart-felt plea to reconsider “cruel and shortsighted” library cuts

We have received a copy of the following heart-felt letter from one of our supporters to the Councillor responsible for libraries, Councillor Noble. Alice has kindly allowed us to publish it here. Alice is right, regardless of political affiliations, the proposed 43% cuts are wrong and seriously need to be reconsidered. We do hope Cllr Noble listens – although judging by the debate fiasco we somehow doubt she is.

Dear Councillor
As a concerned Gloucestershire resident, I am writing to you to beg you, on Wednesday 19th January, at the full Council meeting when, following a
10, 000 signature petition, you will be debating Library Closures in Gloucestershire, that you truly consider the effects of the curtailments and closures proposed on the communities in your Division.
Our libraries are so much more than the lending of books. All are an important social asset to their community particularly for the young, the old and the out of work.
Truly in global terms they cost the County relatively little and so a cut of 43% – nearly half – is catastrophic. The closure (‘unless community bodies can take over’) of some of the libraries in the most deprived areas of the County appears so cruel and shortsighted and so unlike our County’s ethos that I can hardly believe it.
If there is anything you can do, regardless of political affiliation, to ameliorate the situation, I am sure that large numbers of your constituents would respect you for it – I certainly should.
Yours faithfully

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