Cindy Jefferies – The library ‘without a shadow of a doubt helped me on my path to being a published writer’

We are delighted to have received this message of support from the author of the popular ‘Fame School’ series of books for children, Cindy Jefferies:

I grew up with a Gloucestershire library card, and spent many happy days browsing the shelves at Cirencester’s Bingham Library. I remember at the age of ten or so asking if I could take out books from the adult section, which was downstairs. The librarians couldn’t have been more helpful. The check out desk was very high, and I remember the excitement of my chosen books, mostly Dickens and Hardy at that time, being stamped and handed down to me. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Cirencester library helped me on my path to being a published writer.

Years later, on the West Coast of Scotland I was living in a small village with no shop, no school, no pub and no library. With two small children to look after, and no car, the mobile library kept me sane and all of us stocked with excellent books. There are plenty of isolated villages in Gloucestershire that will lose this wonderful service if the council can’t be persuaded to change their minds, and plenty of people who need it.

Cindy Jefferies

Under GCC’s plans, the mobile library vans will disappear completely, and be ‘replaced’ by an online or catalogue postal system – no replacement at all for the sense of companionship, and independence gained from a visit to the mobile library by some of our county’s most vulnerable residents.

Thanks to Cindy for her message. You can meet Cindy at libraries across the county this Saturday (5th February) as part of the ‘Flying Authors’ tour.

'Flying Author' Cindy Jefferies

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