Internationally acclaimed author Yann Martel sends message of support to FOGL

We are absolutely thrilled to have received a message of support from award winning, internationally acclaimed, best-selling author  Yann Martel. His second novel, ‘Life of Pi’ won the Man Booker Prize in 2002.

In times of economic duress, the library, free and open to all, where thinking can be done, where plans can be hatched, becomes an essential service, the equivalent to the mind of what the hospital is to the body.
If a people had the anatomy of a single human figure, than the public library would be the brains of that figure, the place where thoughts, memories and hopes are stored, the place where laughter and new ideas came from. To cut a library system down to its bare bones is then the equivalent of a lobotomy

Yann Martel

To have received the support of such a high profile and literary heavyweight has really spurred us on. Again we ask, when will Gloucestershire County Council listen?

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