The ‘Flying Authors’ go international!

During part of his contribution to the ‘Flying Authors’ tour last Saturday, children’s author John Dougherty was joined by a reporter from National Public Radio, which broadcasts to around 30 million people across the USA!

The piece is now available online here. John is interviewed along with participants in the Stony Stratford ’empy shelves’ protest, and Lauren Smith from the national campaign group Voices for the Library, plus we get to hear a bit of John’s brilliant song ‘Put the Knife Down’ which was performed at libraries throughout the day.

John at Hesters Way Library


John’s also written a great blog post about his adventures on the day here.

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One Response to The ‘Flying Authors’ go international!

  1. Roger Drury says:

    How do we make our words make some sense, to link us and to share and pass on the passion to oppose?

    I completely echo Marcus and all the others who have contributed to this collection.

    Here in the Forest of Dean we have been a bit pre-occupied with other challenges from this spiteful vandalism of our quality of life, streaming down upon us from the centre of power.
    They want to steal the very earth beneath our feet and the books, the words which inspire and feed us the knowledge to change things and question the world.

    Literacy is a human right, in the same way that the land is a common treasury.

    It is clear a single signature, a letter, a protest, a song, a chant, or even an egg alone will not shift their intentions to destroy in the name of greed…

    In the way of learning we must work together, suggest ‘our proposals’, be confident, creative….
    and, desperate as it may seem, use the coming elections to register how democracy is supposed to operate….but day by day never give in.

    – in another poor example of consultation here in the Forest of Dean our MP locked out 300 people from a public meeting he had called with 24 hours notice, they stayed in the rain chanting Hands off Our Forest (substitute from multiple choice answers- Libraries, Day Centres,Youth Clubs, Health Service, Arts, Buses etc) for 2 hours, then he scuttles off under police escort. (they also chanted ‘Tunisia’, ‘Cairo’ ‘Forest of Dean’)

    60 villages will lose the mobile service in the Forest of Dean, communities struggle to wrap the blanket a little closer, while this government, and their poodles, takes, takes, takes with such hollow policy and shameful ambition.

    lets build on these exchanges. RWD

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