County Council stands by its grossly misleading statements

I recently complained to Gloucestershire County Council about its grossly misleading statements comparing deprived Tuffley to affluent areas of Buckinghamshire in this Newspaper article. This is the response I got.

As you know, if I am to process an allegation of member misconduct, then I need to know the identity of the member in question, the specific provision in the code that is alleged to have been breached and details of any supporting evidence.

In this case I have none of this and so I’m unable to progress the matter any further.

I do of course appreciate that the story refers only to a ‘spokesman’, but you will know that it is perfectly accepted procedure for a corporate organisation’s position to be represented in this way in the media. In the case of the Council, no inference should be drawn as to the identity of a spokesman, whether it be an officer or a member, although it can be inferred that the person in question has authority to represent the Council’s position to the media.

Further, I am also instructed that the Council stands by the position attributed to it in the story and I regret, therefore, that I am unable to assist you further on this occasion.

I have emailed Councilor Noble to ask her how Tuffley compares to these areas of Buckinghamshire and I have asked her to tell me where these comparable libraries are. As the council stands by its comments I assume she will have no problem answering me. Her silence so far in response to the questions thousands of us have been asking her however, will probably disappointingly continue – to us that speaks volumes.

(Tuffley ranks within the top 25% of deprived areas nationally, and the top 10% county-wide)

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2 Responses to County Council stands by its grossly misleading statements

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  2. Geoffrey Salter says:

    This attitude by Gloucestershire County Council is typical – I have been subject to a litany of lies and deception by managers of the council and they refuse to investigate the offences. In fact they treat the public with contempt.
    My councillors Vic Rice and Jackie Hall have been instructed by council executives not to act for me and they have pandered to those wishes leaving me with no representation for the past 18 months.
    No doubt when the publicity machine rolls on the councillors will try to claim that they did this and that when they did nothing allowing staff to make false accusations – 71 false recordings, 40 false statemenst and a failure to follow council policy!!!
    No they draw their salaries and expenses and shut services well it is time to stand up and be counted. If anyone out there has had run ins with the council send me details so we can act together to rid ourselves of lazy indiffeerent councillors and lying staff starting from the top.

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