Conservative Councillors claim library “victory”

It has been bought to our attention, by furious Gloucestershire residents, that some astonishing claims are being made on fliers pushed through the doors of Gloucestershire homes. Fliers like this one.

A Conservative party flier featuring Jim Porter, Conservative District Councillor for Gloucester City Longlevens Ward claiming their “concerted lobbying” led to “victory”. Neither he, Paul James (who’s also Leader of Gloucester City Council) nor Kathy Williams (both a Conservative District Councillor and County Councillor for Longlevens) said ANYTHING in defence of libraries when they needed to. Claims that they privately lobbied their mates, whilst relentless lobbying from us was treated with contempt, just does not cut it.

Conservative Tarren Randle (Barnwood) who is standing in the Gloucester City Council elections in May 2011 is also making similar claims about private lobbying.

Six Conservative Councillors were given petitions against the drastic library cuts by their constituents to submit to the county council, including one from Minchinhampton which was signed by 40 % of their constituents. 15,000 people across the county signed our petition. In the full council debate about the library plans NOT ONE of the Conservatives spoke up for libraries or for the views of their communities. They quite clearly put party politics first. As if that was not disgraceful enough and a total abuse of democracy, these very same councillors are putting fliers through peoples doors claiming THEY have saved the local library.

We just wanted to publish this to remind them that we will NOT forget their silence when we needed them to shout for us. Have you had any such fliers through your door? Send them to us and we will post them here. This behaviour will not be forgotten at the ballot box. Local politicians please do not underestimate us. We are not as stupid as you seem to think we are!

For more information on politicians and the cuts see here

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