Peter Arnold: ‘Closing any of our libraries is a sin’

Friday’s edition of the Citizen featured a very supportive article from veteran reporter Peter Arnold in his ‘heart of the city’ column. As the article didn’t appear in the on-line edition, parts of it are reproduced below for those who missed the paper:

“I was delighted to hear that the High Court had ruled our county council’s plans to close libraries unlawful. I could wish that they had declared that the closure of any library anywhere, on whatever pretext whatsoever is unlawful”

“To close the door on any one of [our libraries] is a sin, and a blow to our society and to civilisation itself”

“Libraries are a great repository of knowledge, and therefore of learning. If you want to know anything about anything you can learn it, with a little help, via your local library, and this is especially so since the introduction of computers”

“I do applaud the efforts of all those volunteers who offer to run their libraries themselves, but I hope they know what they’re letting themselves in for. librarianship is a surprisingly technical business with more to it than stamping books and replacing them on shelves… I wish all the luck in the world to eager volunteers, but I think they will need professional help”

“It was Terry Pratchett who wrote that, “if you want to free an oppresed people, then build a library and leave the door open.” He was right”

Peter Arnold's article

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