Dear Library Santa…

As advent begins, local residents fighting for the future of Stonehouse Library have been getting into the festive spirit, with a letter to ‘Library Santa’.

The letter asks for the reinstatement of full, pre-cuts opening hours at Stonehouse Library (as per the conditions of last month’s High Court ruling) by Christmas.

Stonehouse Library user David Joyce says:

“We got around 200 signed in 4 hours in Stonehouse on Saturday afternoon. The idea proved popular and the letter could be changed to suit other localities.

Hopefully all the letters will be given to Councillor Hawthorne with attendant publicity.”

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2 Responses to Dear Library Santa…

  1. barabrith says:

    Would like to see this campaign happen in Nailsworth, where the library has also had its hours cut drastically. Unfortunately I am now working in Gloucester four days a week so would find it hard to organise. Could anyone else take this forward?

    • demelzajade says:

      Hi Barabrith, Yes, it would be great to see this replicated in other areas. None of us who look after the website live near Nailsworth either, but if anyone contacts us wanting to take this forward there we’ll let you know.

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