“Unlawful” Library Cuts : The Equality and Human Rights Commission step in

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries welcome the news that the Equality and Human Rights Commission have stepped in to help ensure that Gloucestershire County Council comply with equality legislation when drawing up their new library strategy. The County Council’s original library cuts, which were first announced in November 2010, were completely quashed in the High Court on November 16th 2011 as they were ruled by Judge McKenna to be “bad government” and a “substantive breach” of equalities legislation.

We have been concerned by Council Leader Mark Hawthorne’s comments, widely reported in the press since the ruling and repeated in a full County Council meeting, claiming that he was “tripped up by a small technicality”. We hope that EHRC intervention means that Gloucestershire County Council will now be fully briefed on the serious work that needs to be done to make sure they do not make the same errors again. We expect to see substantial changes to their library closure and cuts plans in light of this.

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3 Responses to “Unlawful” Library Cuts : The Equality and Human Rights Commission step in

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  2. barabrith says:

    Great news! No more pussyfooting round the truth, we hope

  3. Alistair Fisher says:

    it sems to me that technically hawthorne is saying you can run a library by volunteers. He is probably right, but i think he thinks he can run the present librarys with volunteers on which I am sure he is wrong. Surely if a judge says all librarys have to stay open and you have to pay 100,000 out and the whole idea was wrong he has to abide by the judge as we all have to? But if he decisdes that to open an extra library say in cheltehanham for example funded by volunteers only am sure he will not be able to use the data base of other librarys but only what he has in that libray. this is a fiddle I think he is trying to do by saying we have librays but we have fiddled it, we could close down Hesters way for example for refurbishment and then never open the building again hoping we will all forget. Perhaps the laywers should know what a fool this man is and keep him in check before more damage is done to this county. I can understand it is difficult to run a library service with half of the staff missing, but i read in the judges report all librarys should stay the way they were, that is the GCC problem not the problem of any one else. I wish Stonehouse luck too and still cant see why they are being closed for so long, it will cause agro in the comminity again – the man is a fool
    regards Alistair

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