GCC’s new library consultation – roadshow dates and survey now available

Following the announcement of the new draft library strategy, GCC will be conducting a new six-week consultation process starting today (30th January).

As part of this process, a series of consultation roadshows (where people can ask questions about the plans and give feedback/have discussions in person) have been announced:

An online survey will also be available at http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries2012 Paper copies of the same survey should be readily available in all libraries, or can be downloaded here: GCC_0018 QUESTIONNAIRE_PRINT

GCC have promised that this will be a two-stage process, with views heard and data gathered during consultation shaping and developing the current draft proposals.

It it easy to think ‘why bother’ after so many service users’ views were ignored and dismissed last time round, but this is GCC’s chance to get things right, so we would encourage as many people as possible to take part in the consultation, and spread the word to others too.

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One Response to GCC’s new library consultation – roadshow dates and survey now available

  1. Midnight says:

    Thank you FOGL for the vast amounts of work you do, not least in keeping us so well informed about what is happening with GCC library plans.
    Certainly the new Consultation Form is long. Humans hate filling in forms. Certainly it should be read in advance – which FOGL makes possible! – and your answers should be thought through, *especially* if you’re going to complete the form online. It might well be a case of ‘phone a friend’ – and I feel it’s no bad thing for groups of people to discuss the new proposals, to be sure of understanding the questions properly and to make sure of fully reflecting our views in our answers.
    It is horribly like an exam! – Tough. We got what we wished for: a start-from-scratch consultation.
    I’d expect *nothing less than this level of detail* in a process that is being taken seriously. Arguably the questions could have been structured better. I am more interested in taking advantage of the many Comment spaces offered, to add detail to my answers. Mind you, when I attend a Library Roadshow, I will be asking if Comments will be properly read and taken into consideration.
    I’m also pleased to see the array of background information on GCC website eg library visitor numbers, cost per visit etc. (All of which I take with a pinch of salt but unless they’ve made up everything, these are hard to fudge!) Let’s be sure to base our submissions on EVIDENCE: ours and theirs.
    I agree this is *the* chance to get things right. As the rugby players say, PRESSURE is vital: we can’t let up for a moment.
    ** TONIGHT Wed 1 Feb I’m chatting about National Libraries Day on the Cotswold Community show on North Cotswold Community Radio – listen online 6pm-8pm. Diplomatically I’ll avoid strong political statements but I will draw attention to the new Library Consultation, and to the Flying Authors on Saturday!

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