Tuffley Library Support Group – we need your support

Tuffley Library Support Group is a group of local people who care about the future of Tuffley Library. We are supported by the Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries.

Right now we are looking to increase our numbers at a crucial time for the library.

We want to make sure that Tuffley Library is kept as a local, easily accessible library. The draft “new” library strategy, currently out for consultation, is proposing a statutory library for Tuffley. It is to be branded as a “Partnership Library”. We have concerns about who the partners may be and how such an arrangement might work. We are also worried that Gloucestershire County Council might wish to re-locate the library to smaller accommodation in a remote location.

If anybody is interested in helping to ensure the future of Tuffley Library, please contact Sarah or Graham Howard at

Tel 01452 313922

Email grahamhoward1942@talktalk.net

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1 Response to Tuffley Library Support Group – we need your support

  1. Graham Howard says:

    A Community Vision for Tuffley
    The economic situation, legislation and demographics have conspired to bring about major changes in Tuffley, particularly for two long-standing services enjoyed by residents:

    Tuffley Library
    St Lukes Medical practice
    Both are under threat and both have galvanized local action to fight for them to remain. However the campaigners are not experienced, merely people who value their services and wish them to continue not just for themselves, but for future generations. There are no charismatic leaders as there have been in projects like White City and Matson and because of this they have been labelled as apathetic, which is unfair.
    It would appear that the future needs of both projects could be linked together, with the doctor’s practice attaching itself to the library complex for mutual benefit. As the Three Bridges project and the Community Centre are already there, a Community Hub could be developed with very little work, supported by shops, a Post Office, chemist and schools (both primary and comprehensive) nearbye. I attach a brief vision of how this might work, particularly bearing in mind the present financial climate. With the work we have already done, encouraging groups to set up in the library, it has stimulated an interest in topic related books and this is growing.
    To continue we need some honest answers to some questions:
    The Library
    Although the County Council Cabinet Meeting on Friday 20th January spoke of consultation on the subject of the library moving to the new Fire Station building, is it consultation with a view to listening to local views or is it consultation to tell people what has already been decided?
    Where will the access to this building be situated?
    St. Lukes Surgery
    For many years now we have been frustrated in our efforts to upgrade the Tuffley surgery and bring it up to standard. We have been told by the PCT to identify land in preparation for new build; we have been instructed to liaise with the other Tuffley surgery to share a building; and we have been told a sum of money would be made available to upgrade the existing building. None of this has happened! We cannot seem to speak with a person who can give us a definitive answer.
    We realize we are playing a numbers game where the health authorities are concerned. At present we are a small satellite surgery but with the huge Kingsway development and the rumoured possibility that the Warwick Avenue surgery might close in the long term, St. Lukes is growing. However, we cannot afford to wait. At present our practice is managed from Stroud but they are unable to continue to do this and one of the doctors is interested in developing the Tuffley surgery as an independent project. If it was done within the Library/Community Centre complex it would be in the public eye and a much better position to develop. On the other hand, if the present surgery is closed, the patients will scatter to other, less suitable and convenient practices and it will be difficult to start again.
    Whilst we recognize the transition and abolishment of the PCT, we need to know where we truly stand and who we need to talk to, in order to get honest answers and move forward!
    Carole Vaughan
    Sent to Tom Skinner, 18.02.12

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