Make sure your views are heard

John Holland writes

The official “new” library strategy consultation process is now underway and runs until 11 March. Full details of the online questionnaire, the email consultation helpline and the times and venues for the “roadshows” are on the GCC website at

For the online questionnaire use the link at the top of the page.  Printed copies are also available in libraries.  This is a dreadful questionnaire of huge complexity, filled with loaded questions.  There have been rumours that FOGL were involved in designing it!!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is designed by a company called Vector, who are being paid £60,000 by the council to manage the consultation process.  Because of our concerns and the many complaints, we have received, we have asked the council to withdraw this questionnaire.  If you do complete one, and find the questions unanswerable, make sure you use the white free text boxes to express your views.

You can also use the new email address for your questions and comments.  I strongly recommend that you use it.  If you are making a comment, make sure you say that you are submitting it as a comment as part of the formal consultation process.  Although you can ask questions too, try not to include both questions and comments in the same email, for fear that your comment will only be logged as question!

Lastly, “roadshows” start tomorrow (Wed 8 Feb in Eastgate Mall in Gloucester).  There are 15 roadshows during February, so see if you can get to one.  We do not know what format they will take but strongly recommend that you go along and make your views know. Councillor Noble won’t be there this time, as she has been dropped from the whole process.  Remember that it doesn’t matter which “roadshow” you attend, they have to record your views about any library or part of the service.

If you can use all three means of consultation please do!

Good luck.


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2 Responses to Make sure your views are heard

  1. Joe K says:

    In all honesty, include me out of the questionnaire farrago. They really will make of answers what they want to, whatever you put in the text boxes.

    I am still getting the runaround on my FoI request, so I regard the pursuit of it as my contribution:

    Does anyone else recall mobile libraries being withdrawn as far back as 2004, or is this more misdirection?

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