Ed Vaizey Ignores Hundreds : Formal Complaint submitted

We at Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries are dismayed that, almost two months after sending two letters (20/12/11) to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, we have not received a reply.

The first letter was sent following following Gloucestershire County Council’s defeat in the High Court. Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries wrote to Mr Vaizey asking him to address our specific local concerns


Since we sent this letter Gloucestershire County Council have announced a cuts package remarkably similar to the unlawful one and are rushing through a hurried consultation, a consultation that has attracted much criticism from residents of Gloucestershire.


We also sent an open letter (with the comments this received) about the devastating and wide spread attack on a much valued and loved public library network, that was signed by 456 organizations,  campaign groups, authors, celebrities, librarians and library users from across the country.


Again, we are yet to receive a response, or even an acknowledgement, from Mr Vaizey.

Vaizey has failed to respond to, or acknowledge, either of our letters. It is not only very rude but we believe it is a gross dereliction of his duties. We have therefore made a formal complaint to Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt MP and have bought this to the attention of John Whittingdale MP, Chair of the CMS Select Committee inquiry into library cuts and to all the committee members

We are at a total loss as to what to do to get answers to our questions and to say that we feel utterly let down is an understatement.

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5 Responses to Ed Vaizey Ignores Hundreds : Formal Complaint submitted

  1. diana kay says:

    Is your group getting the opportunity to speak at the committee? It seems that from what you have posted that just getting the victory in the Judicial review does not mean that things are actually any better? I am following with interest because I am Chair of a Friends of the library group in Surrey, where we are also having a Judicial review. Hope your complaint gets listened to and acted on. I have also been following the Select committee enquiry with interest. Good luck with your campaign

    • Hi Diana, no we have not had chance to speak at the committee, which we are very disappointed about. The council have produced the same plans after the JR, which is thoroughly depressing, BUT the ruling has given communities the confidence to challenge the council’s plans in a way they had not before. The county council very much had a metaphorical gun to their heads saying that the only option for them was to run libraries themselves. They now have the facts and figures needed to challenge this if they wish – whether they are listened to or not remains to be seen. As a result of the JR we did keep three of the libraries in the poorest areas as part of the statutory provision, where previously they would not have been. We have forced the county council to review mobile libraries again and even if the community libraries do go ahead they will have a better deal than before. So, the judicial review has not had the impact it should but it has not been a total waste of time. We are worried as the county council are implementing changes in certain areas, before the consultation has finished, in seeming defiance of the ruling. We have passed this matter on to the lawyers. Good luck to you in Surrey.

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  3. alistair says:

    well I agree this very frustrating but i haver noticed thepeople of hesters way library in cheltenham dont seem to be bothgering about what seems to be going on. I wentt o the libray open day and i think about 8 or so were there in the morning that was mainly people bringing books in to change and children and an adult on a computer. i spent hours there and was dissapointed i also went alongtothe form thing saw jull one of the bosses and asked her why e had such irrelevant questions on th eform,. i was told it was to do with equality etc seems 60,000 and i was the only one hter ein the end, the staf wentt o the library and so did i and grabbed a few people. a lot refused as rthe form was misleading. i queried the books and was told oh well ther eis a good book stock through gloucestershire and e-Books will be ther enext month, which is ok if you have an apple ipod but no good if you have a kindle etc, and who in this area has either. It is nice to see other countys take an interest seems more than the people here, they have 20 hours so asume wrongly the library will be there for ever

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