Online petition

Online petition

We now have an online version of our petition!  You can access and fill in the petition at this address:


  • This petition is only open to those living, working or studying in Gloucestershire.
  • Please do not sign the online petition if you have already signed the paper version.  If you do fill in both, your second signature cannot be counted.

Please send the online petition URL to as many interested people as possible.


9 Responses to Online petition

  1. W J Hughes says:

    I object to this service that benifits young and old alike being withdrawn.

  2. Clifford Buxton says:

    Make the Wealth Dodgers Pay For The Crisis.
    Obscene Billions Of Pounds Going into off-Shore Accounts
    Billionaires paying next to know tax, while ordinary people
    have to pay the bill for corporate irresponsibility.
    It’s a disgrace in a wealthy country like Britain.

  3. Alan Welsford says:

    It took many years to drag Glos Libraries from amongst the worst-funded in the country – do not let it sink again: easy access to well-provided library resources is one of the bed-rocks of a mature society and a seed-bed for ideas which lead to national well-being.

  4. elaine heller says:

    I strongly oppose the closing our local libraries. They are a hub of the community and part of the infrastructure of the English way of life. I believe it is very shortsighted to think that taking away these resources that money will be saved. The damage will be considerable and in the long run the resulting vacuum will actually cost the state more money. In a world that is in need of inspiration and human community please let the council see reason and keep investing in such a positive and uplifting aspect of life.
    We should force them to change their decision and invest our money in something that we really want to keep.

  5. Andrew Moran says:

    The Tory Trustafarians and Hooray Henrys who have now invaded Downing Street live in a cloistered universe parallel to that of the vast, vast majority of the population. I don’t expect any of the current Cabinet have ever been into a public library or see the need for them, and so they probably don’t quite “get” why there is a fuss about closing them. In a similar way they probably don’t understand why their drive for private over public ownership of every aspect of British life is being opposed. We need to teach them what it is like in the real Big Society.

  6. brian chesney says:

    As someone who worked in Gloucestershire Libraries for 30 years, including Hesters Way, Moreton-in-Marsh and the rural mobile library, I can only say that what is being proposed is utterly catastrophic and will plunge most of the county back into the literary Dark Ages. Clearly it is being done by people who have no concept of the value of what they are destroying, no idea of comminitr-y service, motivated purely by money. Whatever happened to the Big Society?

  7. Hello, I have produced a short documentary about the possible closure of local libraries that may interest you.

  8. Johanna says:

    It would be awful for the residents of Westward Court if the Mobile Library Van didn’t call, there are several of us who couldn’t carry books from the Library in Stroud. To have the van call about every 6 weeks means a lot. We have no communal room so we are unable to have anyone bring books for us to look at. Please keep this service going ……

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