Gloucestershire County Council’s proposals for savage cuts to our library services are being featured in the county’s media on a regular basis, and have even drawn the attention of national newspapers! We’ll be keeping a record of media coverage of the library cuts in Gloucestershire here. If you spot any media coverage that we haven’t mentioned, please email a link to

Coverage of High Court ruling

Since a High Court judge ruled Gloucestershire County Council’s plans for our library service unlawful on Wednesday, there has been loads of media coverage – both local and national (including some rather worrying reaction from Cllr. Hawthorne).

We’ve tried to pull all the links together here (if we’ve missed any please send them our way or comment below). The story was also covered on BBC Points West and ITV West, but unfortunately we missed the links for those as they’re only active for 24 hours!

National media

BBC News

BBC Radio 4 World at One – As soon as she heard news of Wednesday’s ruling, bestselling novelist and FoGL supporter Joanna Trollope ‘dashed over to broadcasting house’ (in the words of her PA!) to do an interview about the victory.

Channel 4 News






Mature Times

The Bookseller

The Bookseller

Local media

BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Short interview with FoGL’s Demelza Jones at 12:45, recorded immediately after the ruling was announced.

BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Reaction from Mark Hawthorne at 07:00, followed by interview with FoGL’s John Holland at 07:38. Recorded the morning after the ruling.

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen – a great letter from FoGL’s Alice Ross who attended the whole of the court hearing.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

TV crews waiting outside the High Court on Wednesday 16th November


Earlier coverage of the campaign (not exhaustive):

12th February 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Extraordinary meeting called to discuss challenge to library cuts’ – Coverage of the ‘call-in’ of the library decision. Also covered in Stroud News and Journal, Tewkesbury Admag, Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard and BBC.

The Citizen: ‘Row over future of Matson’s library service’ – Gloucester MP Richard Graham dismisses voters concerns over the library cuts.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Prestbury ploughs ahead with library plans’ – Pretbury Parish Council’s decision to turn-down a GCC-run Library Link facility and opt for a ‘community library’.

11th February 2011

ITV West Country Tonight: Hesters Way Library users Alistair, Shaun and June talk about the role of the library in their lives.

The Citizen: ‘Public protest over Brockworth’s library and youth centre’ – Coverage of the packed public meeting in Brockworth.

The Citizen: ‘Don’t hit us any harder’ – A 500 name petition is presented to Shire Hall by Tuffley Library users.

10th February 2011

The Citizen: Libraries Helped me Beat the Booze says a Gloucester resident. A really inspiring story which highlights the important role that libraries can play. Cllr Noble agrees but then says “none of our plans will see changes to Gloucester library” Actually, less libraries elsewhere will put more pressure on Gloucester Library, which will be getting no extra resources to meet demand. What about library users who can’t get to the main libraries? Hardly an equitable library service!

8th February 2011

The Cotswold Journal: A piece about the message of support we received from world renowned author Yann Martel in which Cllr Noble bizarrely tries to reassure parents who are worried about the library cuts by saying school have “fantastic” resources. Read our response here.

7th February 2011

On 5th February library users across the county organised and attended ‘read-ins’ as part of the national Save Our Libraries Day to protest at the mass closure of public libraries across the country and to celebrate all that our libraries do. To our bemusement Gloucestershire County Council took the decision to ban all press from the events. So we were thrilled to have featured heavily in both the national and local press.

The Guardian: Throughout the day ‘Flying Authors’ John Dougherty and Cindy Jefferies kept in touch with the live blog on the Guardian website.

BBC: we also received national coverage from the BBC.

The Echo: Libraries across Gloucestershire were packed with people as part of a national campaign to keep them open.

The Citizen: Book battle continues as authors fight for libraries

Stroud News and Journal

5th February 2011

The Echo: Library lovers unite to protest at proposed cuts to the service publicity for the ‘Read Ins’ that took place across Gloucestershire as part of National Save Our Libraries Day, in protest against the massive cuts to our public library service.

3rd February 2011

The Forester: ‘Victory as town’s library saved’ – Cinderford library will now be reduced to a ‘Library Express’ service rather than being  handed to volunteers, but the fight goes on for other Forest libraries and the mobile service.

25th January 2011

The Citizen: Library friends slam idea of book borrowing charge’ – Our reponse to Conservative Councillor Stan Waddington’s shocking suggestion that ‘community libraries’ could charge a membership and usage fee.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Protest read on library cuts bid’ – Publicity for the Moreton Library ‘read-in’ as part of the national day of action against library cuts.

24th January 2011

The Citizen: ‘28% of library workers will lose their jobs in cutback’ – Council Leader Mark Hawthorne attacks UNISON report on library cuts and repeats the unsubstantiated claim that the cuts do not place the Council in breach of the Public Libraries Act.

The Citizen: ‘Campaigners quiz council bosses on library cuts’ – Report of the consultation session and protest at Cinderford Library last week.

23rd January 2011

BBC 1: The Politics Show West featured a report into how public spending cuts are affecting Cinderford, and included interviews with library users and footage from the County Council debate and lobby last week. You can watch again here (available for one week after broadcast).

Independent on Sunday: A letter from Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner Demelza Jones

22nd January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Libraries help readers travel inside the mind’ – Campaigners in Longlevans talk about the library’s importance within their community.

21st January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘New homes need library’ – Residents in Moreton are unhappy that the town’s services are being cut just as the population booms

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Parties defend library debate’ – Council opposition leaders hit back at Conservative County Council leader Mark Hawthorne’s claim that they were to blame for ‘train-wreck’ council debate of our petition.

Gloucestershire Echo: ”Pathetic excuse’ on library meeting’ – Council opposition leaders accuse the Conservative administration of trying to ‘fudge’ their way through library petition debate.

20th January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Local democracy’s reputation ruined’ – Editorial ruing the likely loss of faith in local democracy following the farcical County Council debate of our petition

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Gloucestershire County Council library closure debate a ‘train-wreck’ – A report of the farcical Council debate of our petition. Also covered in Stroud News and Journal, The Forester, and Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

Tewkesbury Admag: Mily’s plea not to axe library’ – Mily (age 10) is a frequent user of the mobile library, and has written to both FoGL, and the County Council calling on them to keep the service. You can read Mily’s letter here, which was also featured in the Cotswold News and Journal.

Tewkesbury Admag: ‘A big issue facing us’ – A reader’s letter expresses frustration with the County Council’s ‘consultation’ process, and suspects library cuts are a ‘done deal’.

19th January 2011

BBC Gloucestershire: Steve Kitchen’s Drivetime show featured a piece on the petition debate and its outcomes, including interviews with FoGL campaigner Demelza Jones, County Council Leader Mark Hawthorne and Liberal Democrat Group Leader Jeremy Hilton. There was also TV coverage of the debate on BBC Points West and ITV’s The West Country Tonight.

BBC Gloucestershire: ‘Petition forces Gloucestershire Council library debate’ – Build up to the petition debate. We were also featured on the half-hourly news bulletins on Mark Cummings’ Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, and on the TV news bulletins on BBC Midlands Today throughout BBC Breakfast.

BBC News: A piece on library cuts in BBC national news at 6 and 10 (watched by around 6million people nationwide!) featured footage of FoGL campaigners outside Shire Hall before the Council debate, collecting petition signatures outside Gloucester library, and an interview with FoGL campaigner and former Gloucestershire senior librarian John Holland.

Stroud FM: FoGL campaigners James Beecher and John Holland appeared on Tim Mars’ drive time show to talk about the council debate of our petition.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Union – 100 library jobs will go’ – Coverage of the report released by UNISON criticising plans for the library service.

The Citizen: Campaigners in Churchdown fear county council cuts will leave future generations uneducated and roaming the streets’ – Report of the packed public meeting in Churchdown against library and youth service cuts.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Children’s illustrator backs campaign to save Gloucestershire’s libraries‘ – Coverage of our message of support from ‘Horrible Science’ illustrator Tony De Saulles

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Gruffalo author lends her voice to campaign’ – Coverage of our message of support from Julia Donaldson

18th January 20100

The Independent: ‘Campaign grows against cuts that would shut 375 libraries’ – Our petition is mentioned, along with other library campaigns across the country.

BBC Midlands Today: A piece on the library cuts in Gloucestershire, featuring interviews with FoGL campaigner Demelza Jones and children’s illustrator and FoGL supporter Tony De Saulles.

BBC Radio 2: The Jeremy Vine show featured a segment on library closures nationwide, and FoGL campaigner Carlin Anderson spoke about what the loss of her local library in Moreton and the mobile library will mean for her community.

The Citizen: ‘Mayor joins library protest’ – Town Mayor Max Coborn joins protests against the loss of Cinderford Library

Stroud Life: ‘How hard’s MP making cuts case’ – Letter criticising Stroud MP Neil Carmichael’s extraordinary comments in the House of Commons, that cuts to frontline services such as libraries are not as bad as being made out.

17th January 2011

The Citizen: ‘Hucclecote Library users to oppose changes’ – Report of Friday’s public meeting

16th January 2011

The Independent on Sunday: ‘Overdue! The fight to save our public libraries begins’ – FoGL supporters Marion Pagan, and 10-year-old Mily Newton describe what their local library means to them (Blockley is in Gloucestershire and not Somerset as incorrectly stated in the article)

Marion at Hesters Way Library

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Campaigners smash library petition target’

15th January 2011

Daily Mail: ‘Libraries are just for the privileged white middle-class, says white middle-class Quango chief’ – Hesters Way Library in Cheltenham is mentioned in this article criticising statements made by MLA chief Roy Clare.

The Citizen: ‘Library campaign kicks on’ – Coverage of our still-growing county-wide petition.

14th January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: Gloucestershire campaigners: Cuts consultation was a ‘done deal” – Concerns around the Council’s consultation process.

13th January 2011

Tewkesbury Admag: ‘Children will be victims’ – A brilliant letter from former Gloucestershire senior library staff. The letter was also published in other local papers.

The Citizen: ‘Community facility plan for Bourton-on -the-Water’ – Another parish council who seem to have been told the library plans are a ‘done deal’ despite the ongoing ‘consultation’ process’ An excellent comment from Kay at the bottom of the article though.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Blackmail claim over planned library cuts’ – More coverage of the angry public meeting in Bishop’s Cleeve earlier this week.

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Alex Aiken: My five challenges for public sector comms in 2011′ – Criticism of the Council’s handling of public service cuts (including to libraries) – ‘honesty is better than obfuscation’.

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Community facilities under threat if Berkeley Hospital site is not handed over’ – Doubts over community library plans

12th January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Council must hear library argument’ – Editorial, highlighting the success of our campaign and calling on the Council to listen.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Huge crowds flocked to libraries public meeting last night’ – Bishop’s Cleeve public meeting. Apparently the 170 in attendance were just those who could get into the building, and there were many more outside!

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Campaigners trying to stop Churchdown becoming a “cultural desert” are calling on residents to back them’ – A public meeting will be held in Churchdown on Monday 17th January.

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Library meeting packed’ – Coverage of the recent public meeting in Stonehouse

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Campaigners take to the streets’ – Includes coverage of the county-wide petition handover last week.

11th January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Author Joanna Trollope rallies to save Gloucestershire libraries – Local coverage of the excellent article in Saturday’s Guardian

Tewkesbury Admag: ‘Comedian backs anti-library cuts campaign’ – Our message of support from Stewart Lee. Also covered  today in Cotswold News and Journal

Cotswold News and Journal: Bourton Library fears to be discussed by local council’ – Residents’ concerns about library cuts in Bourton, and coverage of petition hand-over.

10th January 2011

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘4,600 back call to keep library’ – Bishop’s Cleeve petition success

The Citizen: Worry over library hours cutback’ – Concerns from Councillors and residents in Hucclecote

8th January 2011

The Guardian: ‘The library cuts in Gloucestershire go beyond necessity or common sense’ – More critical national media coverage of GCC’s plans, this time from bestselling Gloucestershire-born novelist Joanna Trollope.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Comic and librettist back library fight’ – Coverage of our message of support from Stewart Lee

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Volunteers could step in to run Prestbury Library’ – Again the Council act like their plans are a ‘done deal’ – what happened to the ‘ongoing consultation’?

6th January 2011

The Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen: ‘Gloucestershire library campaigners raise legal concerns over closures‘ – Coverage of the petition handover and continuing questions over the legality of the council’s plans.

The Forester: ‘10,000 sign library petition’ – Coverage of the success of the county-wide petition, as well as the Cinderford Library petition which attracted 1,200 signatures and was also handed to Shire Hall yesterday.

5th January 2011

The county-wide petition handover received TV coverage on BBC Points West and ITV’s The West Country Tonight

Cotswold News and Journal: ‘10,000 call for County Council to rethink library plans’.

Gloucestershire Echo/Citizen: ‘Thousands force debate on Gloucestershire library closure plans’ – Our petition success made the front-page! When we spoke to the journalist the count was ongoing, and we were around the 7,000 mark – the current total is more than 10,000!

Stroud FM: FoGL supporter James Beecher and former senior librarian John Holland discussed the library cuts and the county-wide petition on Tim Mars’ Drivetime Show.

31st December 2010

The Citizen: ‘4,000 residents sign library petition’ – Former senior librarian John Holland was interviewed whilst collecting signatures in Nailsworth.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Petitions gather pace to save Hester’s Way Library’ – FoGL campaigner Nancy Graham was interviewed whilst collecting signatures in Hester’s Way.

30th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Sign up to campaign or libraries will be lost forever’ – Our storytelling, town-crying campaigner Chloë was interviewed whilst collecting signatures at Bourton Library.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Share library ideas before it’s too late’ – Churchdown councillors urge residents to complete the library consultation.

The Citizen: ‘Petition is launched against cutting a library’s opening hours’ – Local petition launched at Hucclecote Library

28th December 2010

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: Top Cotswold author backs library campaign’ – Messages of support for FoGL from Joanna Trollope, Anthony Browne, John Dougherty and Anna Bowles. This story was also covered in the Stroud News and Journal

22nd December 2010

The Citizen: Library fight battles on’ – Residents object to planned cuts to Longlevans Library

21st December 2010

The Guardian: ‘Day of protest planned against library closures’ – Another mention in the nationals for Gloucestershire!

The Citizen: ‘Signing up to save library’ – Residents of Tuffley oppose library cuts.

The Citizen: ‘Library users gather over cuts concern’ – Report of the GCC library consulation session in Gloucester Library.

20th December 2010

The Telegraph: ‘Leading authors warn about library closures’ – More national coverage! Joanna Trollope’s support for Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries’ campaign is mentioned (In paper copy of newspaper).

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Council pledge to fight closure of town library’ – Moreton Town Councillors speak out against library cuts across the county – good on them!

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Library service changes meeting’ – Cllrs. Noble and Hawthorne will attend a public meeting in Bishop’s Cleeve on 11th January.

18th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Sparks fly as Prestbury residents confront library bosses’ – A report of Monday night’s Prestbury Parish Council meeting with Cllr. Noble and Sue Laurence.

17th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: Closing libraries would rob elderly of lifeline – campaigner’ – Demelza spoke to the Echo about our concerns that the Council’s plans for libraries haven’t taken account of social impact, and that closures and cuts will particularly hit the low-income and elderly. The reporter also used some quotes from Marion Pagan’s brilliant video about Hesters Way Library.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Library fears’ – Tewkesbury Councillors express their concern at library plans.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Fresh bid to save Tuffley library’ – The County Council will meet with a community group to discuss plans for the library, but opposition to the cuts from local residents continues.

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Children’s author signs up to libraries protest’ – Locally-based author and FoGL supporter John Dougherty has been doing a great job gathering petition signatures and raising awareness of the County Council’s plans for our libraries.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: ‘Locals battle Lechlade library plans’ – Residents fear that Lechlade will become a ‘depressed community’ without its library.

16th December 2010

The Forester: ‘Fight must go on to save town library: protestors’ – A full report of the public meeting in Cinderford last Friday. An excellent letter, strongly criticising the County Council’s plans for cuts to libraries and other services in the Forest of Dean area is also printed. (In paper edition).

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Protestors stage demonstration over future of Bishop’s Cleeve Library’ – A GCC meeting in Tewkesbury was picketed by library campaigners.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘100 at meeting to discuss bid to run library’. A spokesperson for the Cotswold Volunteer Buruea, which has been involved in discussions around the future of Lechlade Library, state that, ‘for a charity to take that on is somewhat of a stretch’.

15th December 2010

Stroud News and Journal: Two brilliant letters supporting the library service have been printed. One, from Green Party District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward, Phillip Booth, highlights the potential for the library cuts to increase social isolation, in particular amongst the elderly. Another comes from Stroud Green Party member Norman Kay, who attended the ‘Big Community Offer’ meeting last week, and is angry at the County Council’s attempts to pass public service costs (such as libraries) onto local parish precepts, despite the fact that we all already pay for these services through taxation!

13th December 2010

Gloucestreshire Echo: County Councillors vists Cleeve to explain cuts’ – Councillors Noble and Hawthorne to meet with Bishop’s Cleeve Parish Council to discuss the library cuts.

12th December 2010

BBC Gloucestershire: ‘Joanna Trollope backs library campaign’

11th December 2010

The Citizen: ‘Acclaimed author joins library cuts backlash’ – Our message of support from Joanna Trollope

10th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘More than 200 sign petition on library cuts’ – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigners Neil and Freda have been doing a fantastic job collecting over 200 signatures for our county-wide petition outside Cheltenham Central Library.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Petition bid to save Tuffley library’ – Tuffley residents show their opposition to cuts to their library service.

9th December 2010

The Forester: ‘Petitions multiply to save libraries’ – Local petitions have been launched to save Cinderford and Mitcheldean libraries, as well as the Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries county-wide petition. Two letters appear in the paper opposing the library cuts, including from the Chair of Governers at Woodside Primary School in Ruardean, highlighting the impact of library cuts on children.

8th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘It doesn’t make sense – Don’t cut our library time’ – Residents and community leaders question why opening hours and services at their well-used library will be cut under GCC’s plans.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: ‘Campaign begins to save Cotswold libraries’ –Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner Demelza Jones spoke to the newspaper about how the library cuts would affect the Cotswolds area. Councillor Noble is still talking about Buckinghamshire, despite our calls for her to publicly retract this comparison as it is misleading! The same article also appeared in the Stroud News and Journal.

Stroud News and Journal: ‘Libraries facing a mortal threat’ – A letter was published from six former senior library staff, highlighting the impact of the library cuts on the Stroud area. Two further readers’ letter criticising the cuts also appeared. (In paper copy of newspaper).

7th December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Protestors demand apology as row flares over libraries’ – We called on Councillors Noble and Hawthorne to publicly retract their misleading comparison of Gloucestershire’s proposed community libraries with a scheme in Buckinghamshire.

6th December 2010 Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Cuts “too savage and deep”’ – A piece by Mark Hobbs (leader of the Labour group at Gloucester City Council) highlighting the impact of cuts on our communities – including the cuts to the library service.

4th December 2010 Gloucestershire Echo: A letter from Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner and long-term library user Cherry Lavell appeared in the Echo.

3rd December 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Ex-librarians end their silence over plans to hand over Gloucestershire’s libraries to volunteers’ – Former senior librarians criticise Council plans to hold ‘consultation’ sessions at libraries with a secure future. Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries Chair Johanna Anderson is quoted on the gathering momentum of our campaign.

Cotswold Journal: New campaign group battles proposed library cutbacks’ – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner Demelza Jones was interviewed about our opposition to the library cuts. Councillor Noble repeats the misleading comparison of her plans for Gloucestershire with community libraries in Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire’s community libraries receive continuing support and funding from the Council and are considered part of the public library network. This will not be the case in Gloucestershire where community run libraries will be expected to raise their own funds, acquire their own books and internet access, will have to purchase support from the central service (meaning people in these areas are paying for their library services twice), and will not be able to access the central library management system (to track loans, orders and fines etc). When will Councillors Noble and Hawthorne admit that their scheme is untested and that their claims that the scheme will be a ‘success’ cannot be backed with any evidence or research?

The Citizen: Councils must raid their ‘piggy banks’ says cabinet minister’ – Communities Secretary Erick Pickles says County Councils must protect services and jobs by dipping into their cash reserves (£68.3 million in the case of Gloucestershire). Mark Hawthorne responds that GCC are already doing this: “Our reserve funds raise us interest whilst waiting to be spent, saving around 3.8 million per annum, equivalent to a substantial proportion of the library service for example” – Perhaps some of this interest could help avoid your massive cuts to the service Councillor Hawthorne?

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Parish to do ‘as much as it can’ to reduce the impact of cuts’ – Growing opposition to cuts to Churchdown Library.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Council could take over library and youth centre’ – Brockworth Parish Council plan a consultation over possible council tax increases to fund the survival of services threatened by Gloucestershire County Council’s plans. Apparently Councillor Hawthorne is quite happy with the idea that the people of Brockworth are taxed twice for their library service.

2nd December 2010

BBC Radio Gloucestershire: A reporter attended the Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries public meeting on 1st December, and a number of people were interviewed for a segment on Mark Cummings’ breakfast show. We were also mentioned during half-hourly news bulletins, which stated that our ‘support is growing’. 

The Forester: ‘Petition bid to force rethink on libraries’ – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner Demelza Jones was interviewed about the County Council’s flawed consultation process and the launch of our county-wide petition.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Community to meet to find solution to spending cuts’ – Minchinhampton Library cuts highlighted

1st December 2010

BBC Points West: Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries’ Chair Johanna Anderson, was interviewed about our opposition to the library cuts, along with Patrick Baker – one of the signatories of a letter to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey questioning the legality of the Council’s plans. Antonia Noble gave a brief response – care to elaborate Councillor? The show went out across Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire. If you missed Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries’ first TV appearance, you can watch again here

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Residents rally against cuts’ – Petition to protest cuts at Churchdown Library.

30th November 2010

The Guardian. ‘Massive library service cuts ‘may be illegal’’ – A letter to Culture Minister Ed Vaizey from six former Gloucestershire senior library staff questions the legality of the County Council’s proposals for our libraries.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Library cuts are excessive’ – Borough Councillors in Tewkesbury say the ‘slash and burn’ approach to the library service will hit children and pensioners the hardest.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘1,400 sign petition to retain library services’ – Library campaigners in Bishop’s Cleeve have organised a petition to save the service.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Bid to hand over 11 libraries to the community could be illegal, say campaigners’ – Former senior library staff call on Culture Minster Ed Vaizey to scrutinise the County Council’s plans.

28th November 2010

The Observer: ‘Without libraries, we will lose a mark of our civilisation’ – Councillors’ Hawthorne and Noble’s plans for Gloucestershire libraries are singled out as a savage and risky example of library cuts. Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries Chair Johanna Anderson provided Catherine Bennett with information for this excellent piece, and the group gets a direct mention – brilliant national publicity for us, and err… not so good for Councillors Hawthorne and Noble.

29th November 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: 29th Nov 2010. ‘Cleeve library to receive cash despite the cuts’ – Bishop’s Cleeve Library will receive nearly £90,000 from Bovis Homes – but the County Council still says it has no choice but to cut opening hours and services!

27th November 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Matson Library closure would be a ‘huge’ and ‘devastating’ loss’ – Residents speak out about cuts to their library

25th November 2010

The Forester. ‘Forest erupts in protests against cuts’ – Cuts to Forest libraries are mentioned

24th November 2010

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard: ‘Concerned about library closures’ – A concerned resident of Minchinhampton highlights the role of the library in the life of the community, and the impact its closure will have on the elderly and vulnerable.

23rd November 2010

Stroud FM: Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries campaigner Demelza Jones, and former Gloucestershire senior librarian John Holland, appeared on Allan Berry’s ‘Live Lunch’ show to discuss the impact of the library cuts.

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘’Don’t cut library service’ – author’ – Cheltenham-born author Anna Bowles offers her support for our campaign. Thanks Anna!

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Don’t close our libraries’ – Library cuts are opposed by former senior library staff.

22nd November 2010

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Hundreds of people protest over cuts at council HQ in Gloucester’ – ‘Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries’ campaigners were amongst those marching against cuts, and were featured on the front page of the Echo!

Gloucestershire Echo: ‘Dismay at reduced library service plan for Bishop’s Cleeve’

18th November 2010

The Forester: ‘Cinderford to take brunt of cuts’ – A local councillor describes the closure of Cinderford’s library and youth centre as ‘degeneration’ of the town

The Forester: ‘Don’t let them close our libraries’ – Librarians and library users protest closures.

17th November 2010

Stroud News and Journal: ‘12 libraries face chop if volunteers don’t step forward’


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